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Our mission is to promote the use of digital maps, Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and other location technology in the business sector. As cartography and GIS specialists, we believe that a good map is worth a thousand words. We provide GIS based maps of excellent quality, which are easy to understand and use in a daily practice. We undertake all the work needed in the creation of a map, from data capture, processing to analysis and further cartographic visualization. Geometric staff are GIS and cartographic professionals with a background in cartographic design and production, GIS analysis, utility solutions and web mapping.


We are proud to say that we have the most complete and accurate digital and navigation map of Cyprus, always up to date.

Geometric was founded in April 2004 in Cyprus. Geometric offers services for companies for both the Private and the Public Sector, in the fields of Surveying engineering, planning and Geoinformation applications.

Among others, our services include:

Geographic Data Bases

GIS Applications

Web – GIS applications

Aerial and Satellite Analysis

Digital Mapping

Environmental Studies Survey

Surveying and GPS measurements (field work)​​

Network establishment – Triangulation Contour Mapping – DEM

Road and Highway Design Survey and Property Boundary (cadastral survey, subdivision consolidation survey, parcellary survey)

During the last years, following the high technology requirements, the company’s activities were mainly orientated in development and distribution of digital geographic data. We have collected a wide variety of databases and street-level data, concerning mainly Cyprus, already geocoded and composed digital maps of great accuracy covering the whole island.  Community services, cultural and historical features and a great number of points of interest are collected using state-of-the-art technologies in order to develop and commercialize specific applications including web-mapping and publishing systems, web-based GIS applications, fleet management, business GIS applications and navigation systems.

 For more info, check the Services and Products sections of our website.

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