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Call & Nav is a Call Center support system for dispatching and expediting calls from a call/control center to distributed agents (operation vehicles and drivers, salesmen, etc) based on their location and availability. State-of-the art technology gps, gprs, 3G technologies and equipment. Uses any android smart phone or tablet.



Call & Nav utilizes state-of-the-art

Geographic information systems and on-board vehicle Navigation Technologies.

  • Serve your calls optimally

  • Custom maps, overlay your content

  • Eliminate errors

  • Reduce operating costs

  • Automate your agents’ management

  • Get reports

  • Use any Android phone or tablet

  • Make them feel (and be!) always “connected”

  • On-board navigation through optimal routes

  • User friendly

For Your End Customers
  • Offer them quality and innovative services

  • Allow them to reach you with a few clicks from their smartphones

  • Make them feel safe

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