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For Your End Customers

For your Call & Control center

  • The Call Center operator continuously supervises the movement of the vehicles on an interactive high resolution map of the entire region of operations.

  • Agents are equipped with tablet or smarthpone Android devices which use interactive navigation maps and are permanently connected to the Call Center through a 3G network.

  • Immediate identification of any address throughout Cyprus

  • Create - Organize Routes using the most up-to-date detailed digital maps for Cyprus (Geometric-Navicyprus) with street numbering and Geocoding 

  • The operator manages a table with all calls that are being serviced, categorized by color based on their status.

  • For each incoming call, the operator locates on the map the caller’s location and searches for the nearest available agent to assign the servicing of the call.

  • To aid the operator, the system suggests the optimal priority, based on various criteria.

  • Step-by-step monitoring of the roll-out of each call with automatic signage of its status (“UNASSIGNED”, “ASSIGNED”, “SERVICING”, etc)


You can schedule and organize an entire day's work, connect it to the drivers or teams that are available, and more. There is even an "Unassigned Work Order" queue, which tells you that you have scheduled a work order but not yet assigned a driver, so that you can easily assign that driver.


  • Two-way communications between a vehicle and a dispatcher center

  • Integrated with any android  and custom terminal devices

  • Options for custom form, messages and data transfer

  • We totally undestand that you need to know who dispatched whom and who accepted the call, where and when. You have the information at your fingertips.

  • Storage of historical call data (customer serviced, agent, origin, destination, date, time to destination, etc)

  • Creation of various kinds of reports (trips per agent or per client, for specific time periods, etc) 


Pay a la Carte

Save Money


  • Definition of agent range areas (zones) so that the calls are assigned only if they fall within these areas.

  • Support for agent shifts so that only agents of the current shift are used by the system.

Are you in trouble while on road ?

  • You just press  panic button and your group will know where you are and in what location.

  • Provides alarms with sms, email, pop-up screen.  

Keep your customer always informed by sending sms notifications.

Pay services as you go, with no need for infrastructure investment.

  • Schedule your daily itineraries and drive through optimal routes to save valuable fuel.

  • Reduce operating costs due to the high degree of automization.


Fully customizable according to client special needs (e.g. connection to back-office systems, customization of database fields and of various system parameters, etc).



Geocoding is the process of converting addresses (like "Kefalinias,29,aglantzia") into geographic coordinates (like latitude 35.423021 and longitude 33.083739), which you can use to place markers or position on the map.

Import any table excel file or csv.         


 A list of waypoints and/or destinations combined in a specific order into a single route. You can have multiple Itineraries stored on your device, although only one can be “active” at any time. The Itinerary is your complete plan for the day.

Import shp files (points, lines, polygon)

Create and Schedule your daily itineraries 
Custom Mapping
Import Geolocate your customers
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