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Gis Data For Cyprus

Navicyprus 2022


Road Network

Detailed street-level covering :

National and Local road network : 27.218 km  (99% total coverage)

Navigation Data : 616 Municipalities and Communities

Road Names: 131 Municipalities and Communities (94% by population)


Address Numbers

 Address Numbers : 33 Municipalities and Communities (71% by population)


Point of Interest

Geometric has developed a dataset of around 10000 geographical and commercial features across Cyprus, classified into the following classifications:


Contains a big number of features and attributes that give to developers the flexibility to create innovative applications for different target markets (functional classification of roads, speed limit, official International route number, administrative area that road belongs to, Post Code, number of lanes. etc.).

Services -API: Geocoding Of Addresses

Allows professionals dealing with addresses or locations to validate standardize and geocode their data through API.

2010 - present

2010 - present

Who is using ​Navicyprus

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